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Jaipur, April 5, 2017… a radical name entered the Experiential Marketing solutions and FMCG with a different vision, fortitude and zeal ‘Vyanka India Limited’ with a motto…..Be Different –

Since then, Vyanka emerged as a Experiential Marketing and FMCG in India and today is a well-established Company with the strategy to create an exhilarating and inspiring environment all around to experience each element of the event with finesse.

From inspiring conceptualizing to impeccable execution, we proudly deliver experiential solution under visionary leadership and lift the impact of each and every initiative to new level of success and unparalleled identity.

Our Initiatives



Vyanka Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing services such as social media engagement, increasing SEO rating on social media platforms , etc. to its clients



Pragati Sakhi is a collaboration of Vyanka India and Nav Prerna Seva Sansthan, that aims at producing 100% authentic and preservative free spices. It also aims to empower the unprivileged women of the society.



Nav Prerna Seva Sansthan is an NGO situated in Dausa, Rajasthan that works continuously for the upliftment of poor, destitute, helpless people and people from scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.



Vasundhara Swayam Sahayata Kendra is an unique initiative by Vyanka India to make the rural women of Rajasthan self-reliant by providing them with means of employment and self-employment.



It is an unique Indian food rickshaw where people can get good food at affordable prices. Divyang Express and Theleywala both work in coordination. These are one of the most popular social initiatives by Vyanka India Limited.



Theleywala is a food kitchen started by Vyanka India, that shall be solely managed by widows and specially-abled people. It's a unique way to introduce the true flavours of Rajasthani street food helping the people to become self-reliant.

Our Products


Kacchi Ghani Oil:

Farm fresh Kacchi Ghani oil straight from the rural areas of India.


Soya Refined oil

Pure and natural, soya oil free from chemicals and preservatives.


Mustard oil

Naturally processed mustard oil, adding flavours to your food.


Vyanka Til Oil

High nutritional value, rich taste and flavour

Vidarbh Vyas
A name inspiring people

Vidarbh Vyas is the founder and managing director of Vyanka India. In the year 2015, he left his job as a higher-level marketing GM and started walking towards a path that no one could have ever imagined of. Leaving a highly paid job, he saw a dream of starting his own CSR venture and named his CSR venture as ‘Vyanka'.

Vyanka India Limited

Awards And Honours


Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2017


Best Workforce Enablement Startup of the Year Award, 2018

Our Team


Mr. Ram Kumar Vyas

From SR to supervisor to T.S.M to A.S.M to R.S.M post was achieved and handled with an exemplary and award winning success. Currently working at Vyanka India Ltd., Mr. Ram Kumar Vyas is a man of great vision and top notch management skills. Started as a Stockiest Salesman, his career journey has been an upward graph ever since. Won the prestigious award for “The Best ASM” in 2007-2008, he is as meticulous and diligent as one could be. With excellent sales and negotiation skills, good business sense and the ability to motivate and lead a team, Mr. Vyas is the valuable addition to the team of Vyanka India Ltd. Amongst the team members, he is best known for his good planning, organizational skills, and the ability to work calmly even under pressure.


Ms. Mahima Syal

Kick-started her career as a tele-caller in 2003 initially, Ms. Mahima has dominated every profile that she’s been in. With her administration skills and excellent interpersonal and customer-facing skills, she has proved herself at every level. She worked as an Admin in a firm for 10 years in the past and is now a celebrated member of Vyanka India Ltd. She finds it easy to fit in a team and her jolly nature makes execution of every buttery smooth Excelling in every domain is an art in itself, and Ms. Mahima handles everything flawlessly. Areas of expertise Excellent Professional communication skills High level of confidentiality Tact and diplomacy Good administration skills Ability to adapt to any situation and work with unmatched accuracy


Mr. Madhav Purohit

With 12 years of experience in leading multiple web, desktop applications and mobile apps including software architecture & development, automation and performance analysis, Mr. Madhav Purohit has worked in leading MNC’s at New York (USA) and NCR (India). He has a plethora of skillsets including hands on experience in multiple architectures & technologies like .Net, php, jquery, My Sql, react, Cordova, selenium, See Test automation, WCF, VSTO etc. Mr. Madhav has been consistently awarded as the outstanding performer of his project & teams. His generated value add ideas has saved huge amount for the clients and attached portfolios.


Mr. Sanjay Khandelwal

Hard-Working, meticulous, passion-driven – all are synonymous with his name. Mr. Sanjay Khandelwal, now with more than 30 years of experience, is a man with great Sales as well as Managerial Skills. Started off as a “Depot In charge”, Mr. khandelwal has been in many job roles in his lifetime and has consistently put in efforts in taking firms to newer heights. He has an unmatched track record of making firms into bigger companies worth Crores! With his analytical thinking, good accounting skills, financial modelling, cash flow management and financial management, Mr. Khandelwal has been a valuable member Vyanka India Ltd.

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